Champagne Tour


from the Barge (at Quai de Bercy) back to CDG Airport



We will dock at Quai de Bercy, which is on the Seine in the neighborhood of the bridge called Pont de Bercy.  (Click here for more info and map.)


We can't know in advance exactly where along Quai de Bercy we're going to be, but here's an educated guess on how those of us flying home on Saturday, 30 July, can get back to CDG.


It looks like the easiest (and cheapest) way will be to:

Take the Metro near our barge (Cour Saint-Émilion) to the Châtelet station, and then there take the RER-B train directly to CDG.


The "trip planner" module on the Paris transportation system (click here to play with it) indicates that it should take us about an hour from station-to-station to get to CDG on a Saturday morning.











We will alight at the second of the two RER stations at CDG.


Delta flights arrive/depart at areas E and F of Terminal 2 (T2EF).

  • Click here for a detailed terminal map.

  • Here's a simplified map:


  • The ride costs about €10.00 and takes 35 minutes.  Tickets are sold in the RER station.

  • Trains depart CDG for downtown Paris very often.  Click here for the full weekend schedule from Paris back to CDG.


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