Bike Tools and Supplies
(from the wordpress site)

Bike tour companies are generally happy to allow us to swap our own pedals and saddles for those on their bicycles.  Some prefer that they do the installation, and some prefer that we do it.  Some have good tools; some don’t.

Fulton will bring a Park pedal tool (with the two standard sizes) and a small collection of Allen wrenches to change out pedals and saddles.

The tour operators also have tubes, lubricants and other basics.

What else might you need, or might you bring to share with others?

  1. I haven’t decided whether I’ll bring my bike shoes, or just a sturdy set of tennis shoes….for ease of walking around during our village visits while out on the bike…….would like to hear Fulton/Kevin experiences with their previous bike tours and the amount of walking versus biking during the day.

    1. Paul,

      I bring my clips with me as I have a very hard time riding without them. I do wear mountain bike shoes that are recessed so I have no issues walking around. I am thinking with this tour we will be doing a bit more walking than normal.

      So I think you would be ok either way.