seeking the Bare Minimum of BS

Tenets of Good Government
(and Restoration of American Ideals)
for Discussion:

Presidents and

Presidents and presidential candidates must write their own speeches.

Presidential candidates must never have seriously believed before the age of 31 that they would  be president.

Primaries should be replaced with the telephone book primary system.

Candidates must be over 30 years of age, etc, etc, and not be convicted felons — unless very good ones.

All national elections must be on the two-vote Majority system (voters select number one and number  two choices). If no one wins a majority, second preference votes are added to the totals for each candidate.

The Congress Members of the US Congress should take a test on the Constitution, particularly provisions regarding responsibilities of representing the people.

Lobbyists and campaign donors calling the shots should be permitted to sit on the House or Senate Floor as Members cast their votes. 

News Media

Reporters should divulge 1) all of the benefits, including preferential accesses and holiday invitations, that they receive from the politicians they cover; and 2) any incidents in which they're denied benefits and accesses as punishment for doing their jobs.

Pretty faces on network news should be called "news readers" or ... "pretty faces."  Their work has nothing to do with journalism.

Taxes and Laws All copying by the federal Government should be done by mimeograph.

Members of the Executive and Legislative Branch should divulge how much of their own taxes they wish to designate for their pet-rocks and other pork projects.

The Congress should consider a 50 percent tax on all TV receipts over $100,000 for sporting events, the revenue to be used for participatory sports, playing fields, etc.

Social issues Consideration should be given to using a new non-gender personal pronoun —“ta”— in the English language meaning either “he” or she.”